The Lemniscaat Illustration Contest

The jury has decided

Out of almost 750 illustrators, the jury of the Lemniscaat Illustration Contest chose twelve winners. The overwhelming number of entrants showed a great diversity. That is why the jury decided that there are different sorts of beautiful, and why they didn't choose one, but twelve winners.

The winning illustrations will be exhibited in the Library of Rotterdam, the university and city library The Hive in Worcester, in the Shanghai Library and the Meermanno Museum in The Hague. Instead of the announced Lemniscaat Festival Picture Book, a catalogue accompanying the exhibitions will be made with the winning illustrations. Not only will it be handed out at the exhibitions, but it will also be distributed to Dutch as well as international publishers at the Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Bologna Book Fair and published online. The winners will also be able to follow a masterclass by the well-known illustrator (and judge) Piet Grobler.

We thank all entrants for participating in the illustration contest. The judges were going through the work with great pleasure. The large amount of entrants showed again how many talented English and international illustrators (to be) there are.

The twelve winners of the Lemniscaat Illustration Contest are: from the United Kingdom Freya Hartas, Amanda Summers, Samira Zamani and from the Netherlands and Belgium Esther van den Berg, Marieke van Ditshuizen, Renske Gerstel, Esther Leeuwrik, Hanna Looye, Daphne Louter, Cornelie Wiarda, Maarten Zerelik and Lars Zuidweg.

Freya Hartas Freya Hartas

Freya Hartas

Amanda Summers Amanda Summers

Amanda Summers

Esther van den Berg Esther van den Berg

Esther van den Berg

Marieke van Ditshuizen Marieke van Ditshuizen

Marieke van Ditshuizen

Renske Gerstel Renske Gerstel 

Renske Gerstel

Esther Leeuwrik Esther Leeuwrik

Esther Leeuwrik

Daphne Louter Daphne Louter

Daphne Louter

Cornelie Wiarda Cornelie Wiarda

Cornelie Wiarda

Maarten Zerelik 1 Maarten Zerelik

Maarten Zerelik

We have not yet received permission for publishing the illustrations of Hanna Looye, Lars Zuidweg and Samira Zamani.

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